The Guiana Shield Facility (GSF) being a multi-donor funding facility for the long-term financing of national and regional activities to conserve ecosystems, protect biodiversity and to sustain human livelihoods within the Guiana Shield eco-region operationalized its delivery mechanism through the issue of grants to project beneficiaries in support of REDD+ readiness activities in 2012.

The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) was appointed the focal agency in Guyana for the GSF by the Government of Guyana, recognizing the contribution the GSF can make to the development of the national Monitoring Reporting and Verification System (MRVS).

Consequently, the GFC was tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the process to develop and implement the national REDD+ Strategy, including the national MRVS, as well as readiness activities under the World Bank's Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF).

The twenty four (24) months project titled "Strengthening of Guyana's Technical Capacity to Implement MRVS & Other REDD+ Related Activities", was recommended by the Regional Advisory Board of the GSF and approved by UNDP on 26th July 2012. The project budget was USD 539, 000 of which the GSF's approved contribution was USD 490, 000. The project was designed to implement the following four (4) components:

  1. Development of National Reference Level for REDD+
  2. Consultations on development of the National MRVS
  3. Exploration of Co-benefits under the MRVS
  4. Development of national REDD+ Strategies


It is against this backdrop that the project was completed in July, 2014 with a number of significant achievements recorded.