Symposium on Protected Areas of the Guiana Shield In celebration of 50 years of SEPANGUY & Follow-up on the Kurupukari Plan of Action


Draft: 25 June 2014

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news-20140831-1Police in Brazil have broken up an Amazon deforestation gang considered the worst currently active, officials said Wednesday.

The gang would invade public land in northern Para state, burn down forest, divided the land into parcels and sell them, federal police said in a statement.

The group is responsible for environmental crimes to the tune of $230 million, said the Brazilian Environmental Institute. There was no word on how many people were arrested.

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news-20140804-1A Professor and ten (10) Students from the New York University / the New School are in Guyana to examine sustainable forest management, Amerindian human rights and to explore the possibility of whether eco-tourism is a vehicle for manifestation of enforced land title, indigenous autonomy over sustainable resource use and management.

As such, the Guiana Shield Facility (GSF) hosted a guest lecture and interactive session on Monday, August 4, 2014 in the large conference room of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) office where the GSF Secretariat is located.

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On July 8th, 2014, the government of Colombia declared the Fluvial Star of Inirida as a Ramsar site. This long awaited outcome concluded when a small Presidential Commission travelled to Inirida, Guainía, in the frontier region with Venezuela, and recognized the conservation value of this mosaic of forests and savannahs, and network of rivers, and wetlands. 

Inirida-a-new-Ramsar-conservation-starThe fluvial star of Inirida is the joint of four different river systems. Inirida, Guaviare, Atabapo and Venturi. Photo Credit: Fernando

This international conservation designation protects places renowned for their biological diversity and their freshwater ecosystem richness. This declaration restricts the types of land uses to those that will ensure the maintenance of the ecological dynamics thus restricting large scale mining and agro-industry.

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Ellen Naarendorp: ‘Staatszorg is nodig omdat milieu van niemand is’

news-20140701-1De publicaties, die naar aanleiding van het ‘Third International Congress on Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield’ zijn uitgekomen, zijn in ontvangst genomen door de donoren van het project. Daarnaast werd de oprichting van het International Society on Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield (IBG) Chapter Suriname opgericht. Dit alles vond plaats aan het Institute for Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR) op het universiteitscomplex van de Anton de Kom Universiteit (Adek).

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