synthese-news-20141106-1A recent report published by Claire Pusineri, Scientific Director of the Association of Ocean Science and Logistics (OSL) revealed that “there is an abundant and diversified community of cetaceans for a tropical area that characterizes the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of French Guiana.”

“Cetaceans are one of the most distinctive and highly specialized orders of mammals include the largest animal that has ever lived, the blue whale; the highly intelligent and communicative dolphins; the tusked narwhals and blind river dolphins and singing humpback whales.”

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news-20141007-1The unprecedented drought now affecting São Paulo, South America's giant metropolis, is believed to be caused by the absence of the "flying rivers" − the vapour clouds from the Amazon that normally bring rain to the centre and south of Brazil.

Some Brazilian scientists say the absence of rain that has dried up rivers and reservoirs in central and southeast Brazil is not just a quirk of nature, but a change brought about by a combination of the continuing deforestation of the Amazon and global warming.

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Representatives from seven (7) Universities within the Guiana Shield were part of a workshop from 3-5 September, 2014 in Suriname to formalize the formation and work plan of the Guiana Shield University Network (GSUN). The specific outputs were to:

  1. Establish a network of Universities and research institutions of the Guiana Shield
  2. Produce a report on the academic and research programmes and course offered by the Universities
  3. Develop a framework for cooperation on joint delivery of academic and research programmes and courses


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Symposium on Protected Areas of the Guiana Shield In celebration of 50 years of SEPANGUY & Follow-up on the Kurupukari Plan of Action


Draft: 25 June 2014

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news-20140831-1Police in Brazil have broken up an Amazon deforestation gang considered the worst currently active, officials said Wednesday.

The gang would invade public land in northern Para state, burn down forest, divided the land into parcels and sell them, federal police said in a statement.

The group is responsible for environmental crimes to the tune of $230 million, said the Brazilian Environmental Institute. There was no word on how many people were arrested.

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